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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Comeback to me

Hello everyone, 

Time travels so fast that finally brings me to continue blogging again. It has been years long, but I wish you still remember me though. I once started this blog in May 2012 and retreated the blog sphere in the end of 2013. Its quite short term compared to other bloggers, but I was that active blogger who can come up with minimum of one post once a week. It was a tough decision at first since my blog started to get well known. In reverse, I managed to focus on my IB (International Baccalaureate) program that took every second of my life. I may quit blogging, but my love over blog sphere never fades. I loved to get updated with the happening fashion news. 

For your information, I'm currently studying music major in Taiwan. Oh yes! I made it here and continue to pursue my dream in music. During my summer holiday, I went back to Indonesia. I was so excited to catch up with my family and high school friends. It is quite unnecessary to stay in Taiwan if you don't plan to do part time job because the hot is irresistible. In addition, you would get bored staying all days in dorm specially when you have no friends with you. In Indonesia, I managed to take this fancy photo shoot. The outfit is from @ketiqueofficial latest collection that was launched in the Grand Opening of District 27 at Lenmarc mall last September. District 27 is a concept fashion junction featuring 27 local designers from Surabaya and Jakarta. If you have time, do pay some visit! 

Strap top and pleated cullote from @ketiqueofficial by @elizabethnjomayfen